Dear Various Workers

Dear social workers, mental health professionals, and doctors of various specialties,

I know you are busy. I know you are overworked and underpaid. I know that sometimes other people in your field don’t do what they need to do. But please please please DO YOUR JOBS. My kid should not run out of medication because you misscheduled something. My kid should not be without therapy because you are on vacation. My kid should not be abandoned because you are busy. Yes, you are just one person, or just one office. You can’t be expected to do everything. But if you have a specific task that you can do, that you are paid to do, DO IT. Or at the very least, if you can’t or won’t do it, help me to find someone who can.

Cards on the table: I am tired too. I don’t exactly get paid, and I never, ever get a vacation. So yes, I understand that your jobs have challenges, but so do mine. And when you cancel appointments without telling me, or when you don’t schedule things, or when you make getting services set up comparable to a DMV visit in effeciency, you make it so much harder for me to parent this hurting kid.

I really just want to parent my kids in an effective way. Please stop making my job harder.


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