Dear Worker H

Dear Worker H,

I get it. Caseloads are insane, your computer systems keep going down, and foster parents can sometimes be unfriendly once a kid is no longer with them. However, you have been a caseworker for quite some time, and at this point you claiming that email systems or other people is keeping you from doing your job is kind of like a doctor always calling out sick.

Bottom line is this: my kid has been without 90% of his possesions for more than a month now, and my patience is wearing decidedly thin. It’s hard enough that he was bouncing from home to home, and that when he came to us he was manic and scared. We have still not even begun to help him heal. With all of that, T deserves some measure of safety and familiarity! He’s lost family and friends and teachers and neighbors…he doesn’t need to lose his stuff too.

Long story short, I am officially in angry mama bear mode. Please remove your head from where the sun won’t shine and promptly return T’s stuff to him, before I have to go over your head to your supervisor.


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