Dear T

Dear T,

R and I really don’t know what to do. We want to come alongside you and love you and parent you, but it’s awfully difficult when you are actively trying to get yourself placed elsewhere. We want so desperately to keep you and make you a permanent member of our family, but we aren’t sure if that is right for you.

If you would just try, just a little, to make this work…or even just not fight against us…we can do the rest. But what can we do, my darling, when you try every day to call your worker to get her to place you somewhere else? What can we do when you antagonize and harrass A and S at every turn? How can we do the right thing for all of our precious children? How can we keep you all happy and safe?

I want nothing more than to fight for you, but how many more times can I hear you scream that you want to leave before I have to let you go?


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