Dear T

Do you know what amazes me, sweetheart? The fact that you can be so constantly torn between “get the hell away from me” and “please, please don’t leave”. I get it, love is scary and you’ve never had a stable family before. Your dad is in prison, your mom is homeless, and your older siblings are various shades of crazy. But darling, if you would lay down your fear just for a little bit, R and I could show you what being loved by a family is supposed to feel like. We do love you, T, and despite what you think, we aren’t going to leave.

I know that you’ve never been anywhere longer than a week or so since your adoption failed. But guess what? You’ve officially been with us for two whole months! It hasn’t been easy, but R and I know now that you are meant to be a part of our family for good. We’ll fight for you…heck, we’ll fight against you if we have to. You aren’t getting rid of us easily.



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