Dear T

Dear T,

I spoke with JA today. She’s the lady who may be taking you when you leave here. I can’t believe you are leaving us, and I am going to miss you like crazy.

I wanted to adopt you, T. I wanted to be your mama forever and ever, and it breaks my heart that you are choosing to leave us this way. If I thought it would do any good I would rage at you for choosing this, or I would beg you to stay, but some desicions are yours alone to make. You’ll always be my son in my heart, and I am damn well not going to let you bounce around the system again. If you ever need a place, you have it here with us.

I think JA and JJ will be good for you. I think they have what it takes to make you their own. I want nothing more than for this to be the best place ever for you, because above all, I want you to be happy.

Be happy, my dear one. I am really going to miss you.


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