New Titles…

I think the english language needs a bit of an update. So often as a foster and adoptive parent, I find that there are no words to describe the wonderful, messy relationships that I have become entangled in. For instance:

What do you call a foster child that you still love, still have a relationship with, but cannot keep? If not “son”, then what?

What exactly is the relationship called between a foster parent and a child’s birth parent? “This is my son’s mother whom I mentor but don’t actually like” does not exactly roll off the tongue.

What are my adopted child’s biological siblings to me? Honorary daughters? Something related to nieces? Something else entirely?

All in all, it seems like maybe I’m just doomed to awkwardly stumble my way through conversations with well meaning, confused people. I’ll just leave it at “Foster adoption is good. Weird, but good.”


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