Dear J

I really like who you are. I think you are an awesome kid. Your smile is one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. I think your determination to do well in life for your daughter’s sake is fantastic. You are just an all-around great kid.

I have to tell you though, kiddo, that you won’t do well in life if you don’t let people help you. We weren’t meant do to things alone, you can’t succeed by relying only on yourself. We’d love to  come alongside you, to love you and be your place to call home, but you have to let us.

Please J, let us help you. Your childhood was stolen and that is totally unfair. I can’t help you have a new childhood, but I’d like to help you make a better future. You are such a great kid, I know that if you open up, you can do really well.


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