Dear Agency

Dear large, state contracted agency,

Get your s*** together. You sent me two lovely, sweet girls, telling me that they need long term (hopefully adoptive) placement. They did not. They needed short-term respite and someone to go to bat for the adoptive placement they were already in. I was able to give them that, but that isn’t the point.

Every single time I interact with one of the workers you employ, someone has dropped the ball. Phone calls and emails go unanswered, no one has a plan, kids go for months without meds or clothes because no one is doing their freaking job. I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t ALWAYS the kids that suffer. My kids. The ones that I sit with when they have nightmares or panic attacks. The ones I hug and feed and joke around with. I don’t care about your caseload. They aren’t numbers, they are real kids with needs.

So, I have a new policy you ought to put in place. It’s very simple: “If a kid needs something, everyone works to get it for them.” No more ‘I’m on vacation, I’ll call you next week’. No more ‘I’ll transfer you to the department that deals with that.’ If a kid needs something, EVERYONE works on it.

This agency would be 1000% better if you guys just got the kids what they need.


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