I think I might be crazy, but I have so much darned fun being a foster/adoptive parent. It’s strange. I love the busyness it brings to my life. I love being able to make a blitz of phone calls and have something change for the better in a child’s life. It gives me a sense of doing something meaningful with my time.

On top of that, teenagers are a blast! They are old enough to do interesting things, have conversations, and have a sense of humor. B and ML, at least, have senses of humor! So often I find myself just laughing hysterically at something they have said or done. The other day, ML said that listening to Guns and Roses was good for her blood sugar. I just started cracking up and we laughed together.

B is proving to be a ridiculous amount of fun as well. I taught her to play the “pterodactyl game”, and we sat for about 20 minutes just making silly faces and noises at each other. In my opinion, silliness is one of the most underrated, yet valuable, parenting skills. It’s a great bonding tool to play a game together that gets everyone laughing their heads off, even if the game makes no sense.

I love my life.


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