We went from “maybe we’ll get young boys” to “oh, those boys have a placement” to “here, have a 9yo boy for respite” to “OH here, have a 14 year old girl for long term (possibly adoption) WHILE having the aforementioned hyperactive boy for respite!”

So we are having a busy weekend.

However, H, our new girl, seems like a really good kid. R is straight up smitten, which I take as a good sign. Obviously we are honeymooning hard, but everything I’ve seen says this kid is one of the easier ones. She was kicked out of her last foster home for a very dumb reason, and she has no history of serious behavioral problems like T and B did. Truth be told, R and I are still hurting and nervous from everything we went through with T and B, but this girl makes me cautiously hopeful that we’ve found another kid like our beautiful A.

We aren’t perfect parents, that has certainly been made clear, and we have learned that we aren’t really prepared to deal with kids that need constant supervision and an extremely high level of care. We don’t want to be a hospital or a residential, we want to be a family. If we are very lucky, maybe we will be able to bring H into our family.


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