Oh ML…..

Oh ML, never a dull moment. Several things have happened with our resident high-spirited pre-teen this past week, most of them completely hilarious.

For starters, ML has a history of being…shall we say…somewhat tasteless in her use of facebook. Between the cursing, trolling others, and chatting up adult men, it’s safe to say that we need to monitor her facebook account pretty closely. And I do. But ML being who she is, keeps right on going. It’s mainly an annoyance, because I have to delete things/adjust her privacy settings every day, but sometimes her (mis)understanding of adult themes provides for a good amount of fun.

In short, I’ve been laughing for the past four days over her posting of “Suck my Bobs”. I’m fairly sure she meant “boobs”, but who even knows.

After that little incident, we had exactly 26 hours of peace before the next misadventure. ML has always done her own hair, mainly because her biomom just doesn’t care at all. One would think that having cut her own hair for several years now, ML would have some understanding of it, but no. When R and I were on our weekly date night, we got a panicked call from A, who was babysitting for us.

“Umm, so, ML cut her hair. You might want to come home.”

Oh boy. “”Cut” her hair” is a polite term for what she did. Other terms that come to mind would be “massacre”, “obliterate”, and “sacrifice to the devil”. When we arrived home, chunks of hair were covering the bathroom, and A was in a panic. ML’s formerly shoulder length hair was above cut to her ears, and looking like she had cut it with a weed whacker. Also, because she hadn’t brushed it out beforehand, she had several sections after brushing that were AT LEAST five inches longer than others, and her cute sideswept bangs had been cut up to her scalp. Done professionally, it might have looked like this:


But at the hands of ML, it came out more like this:


But with more crazy.

Of course, her “psych ward chic” was accomplished the night before her first day of school, so that’s fun. I pity the poor, idealistic young para who gets assigned to ML this year!



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