The Placements Guessing Game

Welcome to the exciting world of foster care! Today we are going to be playing a game called “The Placements Guessing Game”. Here’s how you play: First, have an empty bedroom that you *might* want to put a kid in. Next, have several workers that all know your family. Then just sit back and watch placement offers flood in, and try and guess (based on almost no information) which one is right for you! Fun for the whole family, whose lives can change and be affected with a single phone call!

In all seriousness though, I wish that workers would quit telling me “He/she’s a really good kid! They just need…..” I believe they are good kids. They are ALL good kids, and they all deserve a family who loves and cares for them and puts their needs first. The problem is, R and I have to try and guess which kid can be OURS, and pray that the very limited info we actually get on a kid is accurate. It usually isn’t.

We have a 16 year old for respite this weekend, and two possible teen long-term placements. I’m pretty sure that putting up referral sheets on the wall and throwing a dart at them would be equally as effective as our current method.




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