A Tale of Two As

So, our eldest daughter, who was our first ever foster placement, is named A and came to us when she was 16. Tomorrow, we are getting another 16 year old named A. Only slightly different spellings, no difference in pronunciations. I’ll call her A2

When we told our A, she actually thought we were joking. Nope, our life just is that silly.

H is nervous and originally made all sorts of threats about running away forever and hating us always if we brought in another girl, but thankfully God changed her heart. At church yesterday, H was refusing to talk to us out of anger at our bringing in another kid, and the silent treatment lasted all up until the pastor finished his message about stepping out of your comfort zone to help others.

I turned to her and said, “H, if you had the chance right now to help someone like that, would you?”

“Well yeah!” she said.

I just grinned at her and said “Well you do….” and watched her face go from confusion, to anger, to grudging acceptance. Today she came to me and promised to try and get along, and to be kind.

So now we stand at the precipice of a new placement. Again. With a 16 year old named A who needs long term placement (possibly adoption). Again.

Thank you, Lord, that you have a plan for this wild ride we’re on!


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