So, A2 has been with us for a few days now…and man is she ever a cool kid. This is a kid who has been through complete hell, and brought not only herself, but her two younger brothers out safely on the other side. Now that she’s separated from her brothers, she says she knows that she has to try not to be a parent anymore. She has goals and dreams, and ideas on how to achieve them. She has a compassion and gentleness of spirit that you really don’t find very often in foster kids. Yes she’s guarded, but she also is able to consciously let down those walls when she knows she needs to.

A2 and I have had long talks the past two nights, and her story really isn’t pretty. This 16 year old kid is carrying the weight of generations and generations of abuse, addiction, and suffering. Just the fact that she isn’t a gibbering mess is pretty impressive, but the fact that she is an intelligent, well-spoken, godly young lady is nothing short of miraculous.

She told me this evening that she didn’t ever expect to live beyond her 16th birthday, and that she was proud when she did. She also told me that she plans to age out of foster care and make it as best she can on her own. She wants to be either a missionary or a social worker.

The fact that not all my kids will make it is a burden that I carry with me every day. It’s really cool to meet a kid that I think will make it. I hope that she can truly become a part of our family, because I really want to support her as she does the amazing things I know she’ll do.


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