An S Interlude

I don’t often write about my young biological daughter, S, mainly because the focus of this blog is on foster adoption. However, I had an experience with S yesterday that was too good to pass up sharing.

S loves popsicles. She would eat them for every meal if she could, and one of the things she loves is how popsicles turn her tongue different colors. She’ll finish a popsicle, rush to the mirror, and spends a few minutes just admiring her own tongue. Cute, right? Well yesterday, she was eating a string cheese, and we had this conversation.

S: Mama, my tongue is white.

Me: I certainly hope not, S! Your tongue is pink.

S: NO! My tongue is white.

Me: ….. Nooo……

S: Mama, my cheese stick is white.

Me: Well yeah, the cheese stick is white, but –

S: *very condescendingly* The cheese sticks makes my tongue white!

Me: Oh shoot.

And that is how I discovered that because of S’s popsicle consumption, she now believes that her tongue takes on the color of whatever she eats.



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