Last Chance

We are fighting so hard with poor H, and we are about at the end of our ropes. Nothing we have tried has helped, and she just keeps getting worse and worse. Last Sunday we spent six hours with her in the ER, pleading with the nurses and doctors to screen her into psychiatric care because she so clearly needs it, but no such luck. Apparently, according to the nurse, unless a kid has an active and imminent homicidal or suicidal plan, there just isn’t any room for them. And sometimes not even then!

So what we have now, is three weeks to try and turn things around. H has been enrolled in an intensive outpatient therapy that’ll be after school, four days a week. With that, and a no-run order from the court, we are hoping that we can make it.

We are just so worn down with the level of care and supervision that H needs. Rages lasting for hours, psychotic delusions, memory lapses, and complete instability really take a toll. But we feel like we owe it to H to try this one last thing. In three weeks, if things aren’t better, we’ve been counseled to disrupt the placement. I’m just hoping, begging, and praying that we don’t have to do that.


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