The Fun Never Ends….

Oh A2, the end of the honeymoon has come!

A2 went to a friends house for dinner tonight, and two hours later R and I got a call from the girl’s mom saying that A2 and the girl had been caught smoking weed And we had to pick her up RIGHT NOW. Because A2 had brought the weed.


This is an issue that we’d had inklings of with A2 before, and the other girl is the same way, but man, it was pretty embarrassing. Never a fun time when another parent calls you to come get your reprobate kid.

Some good has come of it though. When we got in the car on the way home, A2 was CERTAIN that we were going to send her away. Like, crying and shutting down certain. So it may have helped reinforce trust when we said we were still here and we still loved her.

We also got a bit of laugh out of it. The girls had gone to the store before smoking, and while they told the parents that they were going for snacks, snacks are not what they returned with.

Our dumb kid came back with (essentially) a neon sign of drug use……

Febreeze and red-eye reducer!


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