ML Once Again

My poor ML can’t catch a break at all. Her mom is doing exactly 0% better, and so ML is being put in care once again. Specifically, she’s being put in a PRTF (long term treatment, essentially) in the hopes of getting some of her wilder behaviors under control while the agency figures out what to do with her.

Of course, it takes time to get into a PRTF, so guess where she’ll be for the next four days until then?

No kid is as conflicting for me as ML. Her mom loves her, and has never been abusive…but her mom is mentally disabled herself and is just barely able to care for herself, much less a kid with all of ML’s special needs. I wish the court and agency would wake up to the fact that ML’s mom is never going to change, what you see is what you get. The woman is fifty for pete’s sake, if she was going to move past her disabilities she probably would have done so already.

That is of course, where the emotional conflict comes in. I wish with all my heart that we were in a position to adopt that kid. R and I love ML like our own, but we also know that between the hurting animals, the innapropriate sexual behavior, and the occasional threats of violence, that ML is more than we can currently handle for any length of time. It wouldn’t be safe for S, it wouldn’t be a good environment for A or A2, and it would mean that ML would never get quite as much of my attention as she would need.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I just pray that maybe as she gets a little older, ML will be able to start herself on the right track. If she could just do a little of the healing herself, and be just a little safer, R and I would scoop her up into our crazy mixed-up pathwork family and never let her go.

I love that little nutcase.



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