An ML Update

So we didn’t end up getting ML after all. Her case team was really worried about her safety, especially with all the stress of getting pulled into care again. A kid like ML is sometimes hard to read until something goes horribly wrong. So she’s stuck in a short term hospital for now, and we aren’t sure if we will end up getting her before she goes into a PRTF or not.


On a positive note, her current school is amazing, and her case team is all agreed for once that her mom is not pulling it together. Even the judge has finally acknowledged that things aren’t working. I said that back in July, but no one listens to the foster mom. This is good news though, because it means that ML might actually get what she needs for once instead of just bouncing between care and her mom every couple of months.


I’m still holding out hope that maybe the PRTF can help her and we can take her back. I know R feels the same way. I know S loves ML like a sister, and I don’t think she would bother A2 much. It’s just a question of getting her stable enough to be in a family, and whether we would be able to meet her needs on top of A2’s needs.


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