ML: Round Three!

ML has returned for the third time. I wish I was surprised, but honestly, I told EVERYONE that she and her mom weren’t ready. I told the judge. I told the caseworker. I told the guardian-ad-litem. No one listened though, and now poor ML has her life turned upside down again because her mom can’t cope.

Naturally, we took her back, but only on a temporary basis. She’s made improvements, but she still has a ways to go before she’d be safe with us for any real length of time. Exhibit A: I caught her trying to teach S (age 4) to steal things.

We are still having a lot of fun though! Life with ML, whatever else is may be, is never, ever boring. She’s been with us a grand total of seven days now, and we’ve had several “adventures”. For example, ML has gotten into sculpting. She has a giant box of air-dry clay, and she’s been making things out of it. The first thing she made was a sculpture of rock star Kurt Cobain. She then proceeded to stab the sculpture violently in the head. She said it made it “more accurate”….and I suppose she’s not wrong!

Another less fun experience we’ve had is that ML went to the doctor because she had thrown up at school, and has officially been diagnosed as underweight, deficient in pretty much everything, and generally in bad condition. Her few months with her mom have not gone well to say the least. The throwing up was just a stomach bug, but everything else is a bit of a big deal. So naturally, her mom’s first reaction was to go straight out and buy her McDonald’s food and a can of super-caffeinated can of energy drink. When I expressed my displeasure (and tried to suppress the urge to scream ‘how dumb can you be?!’), her mom just said that “the doctor had said she needed to gain weight”. Clearly the best way to make a sick child gain weight was fast food and (forbidden by the safety plan) energy drinks. WHY?!?!

ML has one more week with us before the Agency has to figure out what to do with her. Luckily, ML’s new caseworker is absolutely awesome and is currently building a case for DCF against ML going back to mom again. At least the poor kid has SOMEONE competent on her side.

Whatever happens, we’ve been using this time to continue to drill it into ML’s head that we love her and we’ll always be on her side. She probably can’t ever be our daughter in the way we’d like for her to be, but for better or worse she is a part of our family now. Foster care creates one hell of a random patchwork family!


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