ML Finally Gets A Win!

Thank the Lord, ML has finally had something go right!

ML’s new awesome Caseworker has officially placed her in foster care with a family that has known her for several years, is stable, and has no other children! Caseworker has also said that she wants to try and get the okay from the Judge to start the termination process.

ML’s bio mom loves her deeply and has never been abusive, but she is truly incapable of parenting a child. ML has multiple special needs, and bio mom doesn’t see any of them. Bio mom sees no problem with giving ML energy drinks, letting her eat literally nothing but fast food (even while sick), doesn’t take her to school regularly, doesn’t make her bathe (bio mom doesn’t even bathe herself), and doesn’t make sure that therapy is happening. Bio mom is developmentally delayed and barely capable of taking care of herself, much less ML.

It’ll break ML’s heart to lose her mom, and bio mom will be devastated…but I can’t help but feel a sense of relief. ML will finally stop bouncing in and out of the system. She will get all her needs met and be in a safe place. ML has already had more needs met in the week she’s been with this other family than she did during the three months she was with mom.

Even better, this family is very open to letting us continue to have a role in ML’s life! They are going to be bringing her every weekend to our family game night so that she can see us and know that we are still on her side. Plus, New Foster Mom has called me several times looking for advice on ML, so we can kinda work together in keeping her safe.

I’m just so glad that ML finally is going to have what she needs and deserves.


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