About Us

Me: Just me. My hubby and I started fostering in 2014, after having our biological daughter. I love being a mama and I hope we can adopt again.

R: My husband, who is wonderful beyond measure. He always supports me, he is a wonderful father to our children, and he is my very best friend. His main fault is being married to a crazy person.

A: Our 19yo daughter, adoption finalized in 2016. Teaches me about  PTSD, depression, ADHD, and the complicated world of college.

S: Our 4yo biological daughter. Essentially a hurricane in a preschooler’s body.


Amazing Worker: The best home worker anyone has ever had. Her job is to be on our side, help us find (and maintain) placements, and listen to me rant endlessly. She is SO good at her job and we literally couldn’t do this without her.

Current Kiddos

A2: A 17 year old that we got for long-term placement in September 2017. She is very sweet and well-spoken, and she also has the same first and middle name as our older A!

Past Kiddos

ML: a pre-teen girl we got for short term emergency placement on 1/11/17, but who ended up staying for several months. After she left, she then ended up coming back again in July 2017 before reintegrating with her mom. She then proceeded to come back to us in March 2018 because they weren’t coping well. ML is zany and fun, with unique tastes in everything. ML just turned 13. We maintain regular contact with her and her new foster parents.

T:  A pre-teen boy we wanted to adopt but couldn’t. Came to us in July 2016 and left in November 2016. We maintain contact and try to advocate for him as much as we can.

H: Our teen girl sass-master. Came to us in May 2017 and left November 2017. We wanted to adopt her, but she needed intensive care ans was moved to a residential facility. We maintain contact.

B: A fifteen year old girl we got for long term placement 1/17/17. We had hoped to adopt her, but she decided against being adopted and decided to go into independent living.

Y: A fifteen year old girl that we had for respite in Jan 2017. C’s older sister.

C: A thirteen year old girl that we had for respite in Jan 2017. Y’s younger sister.

SP: An 8 year old girl that we got for emergency placement in June 2018. So much energy!

L: An adorable ten year old girl we had for a two week respite over Christmas 2016

SN: A sweet, shy fourteen year old girl we had for emergency respite for a weekend in Feb 2017.

J: A teen girl who came to us Dec 2016. She was with us for a week before she ran away.

Z: A sweet little six year old girl we had for respite over New Years 2015/2016.